1. All work must be created and executed by the artist. No reproductions are allowed. While artistic judgments and innovations are appreciated, the Festival is a public event, and content must be respectful and suitable for audiences of all ages. Submissions that contain or depict violence, profanity, sexual images, or other content that would jeopardize a “general audience” rating in the UAE may be excluded from the competition.

  2. All copyright laws must be observed by artists and directors. The Festival assumes no responsibility for any misuse of copyright. By virtue of submitting an entry, each artist and director certifies that he/she is the sole owner of the rights and elements of his/her work. Aliases are not permitted.

  3. Submitting artists and directors grant the Festival permission to use and reproduce (all or part) of the entered material free of charge without retribution for publication and/or display in media to promote the Festival. This may include cropping of material for use in media releases, advertisements, printed catalogs, tickets, social media, and low-resolution postings on websites. Participants who do not wish their entered material to be used in this manner must contact the Festival Committee in writing at the time of submission and may be excluded from award consideration.

  4. There is no submission fee. Artists and directors of any age may enter work in all categories but may only complete a submission form once per category. Additional submissions for the same category, even if the entry would fall under a different sub-category, will not be considered. The exception is the Student Category, which is only open to current students in grades K-12. Please note that recent secondary school graduates and current university students must submit under the regular categories.

  5. Artwork or films previously submitted to the Ras Al Khaimah Fine Arts Festival within the last four years will not be accepted.

  6. Photos uploaded during submission should be high-quality, well-composed representations of the work. Poor-quality photos may you’re your chances of acceptance into the Festival.

  7. Any photo (artist headshot, artwork, sculpture, film poster) uploaded during submission must be 2-5MB only. Allowed file types are jpeg, jpg, and png unless otherwise specified. PDF files are strictly not allowed.

  8. Artists and directors will be notified whether their submissions have been accepted to the 2024 Festival via the email they include on the submission form.

  9. All costs associated with transporting sculptures or mailing films are borne by the artist or director submitting the work.

  10. If the work exhibited is for sale, the Festival Committee does not negotiate or mediate sales on behalf of the artist. If there are interested buyers, the artist’s contact information will be shared directly to initiate the process.

  11. Suppose it is determined before, during, or after judging that an artist or director has submitted entries that do not comply with these Conditions of Entry & General Submission Guidelines or the relevant Category-Specific Guidelines. In that case, the Festival Committee reserves the right and discretion to remove an entry from the exhibition and void any or all acceptances or awards.


First and second-place awards will be presented in each of the four categories:

  • Art & Photography
    • 1st Place Honors - 5,000 AED cash prize and trophy
    • 2nd Place Honors - 2,500 AED cash prize and trophy
  • Sculpture
    • 1st Place Honors - 5,000 AED cash prize and trophy
    • 2nd Place Honors - 2,500 AED cash prize and trophy
  • Film
    • 1st Place Honors - 5,000 AED cash prize and trophy
    • 2nd Place Honors - 2,500 AED cash prize and trophy
  • Students
    • 1st Place Honors - 2,000 AED cash prize and trophy
    • 2nd Place Honors - 1,000 AED cash prize and trophy