Art & Photography Guidelines

  1. This category includes paintings, photographs, graphics, and other two-dimensional mixed media to be submitted as a high-resolution photographs adhering to the requirements specified below.
  2. Artists may submit up to three digital art files for consideration. Submissions that include more than one file should be related thematically and considered part of the same series. Multiple unrelated digital art files will not be considered.
  3. All uploaded submissions must meet the following requirements. Those failing to meet these criteria will not be considered.
    • Format file: PDF, JPEG, and TIFF
    • There is no maximum size or resolution, but the ideal is 300 ppi (pixels per inch)
    • If the resolution is under 300 ppi, the artwork will be enhanced to achieve its high-quality printing standards, which may result in altercations or changes.  
    • Color format: CYMK
    • Please note that watermarked images may not be accepted, especially if the watermark detracts from the image.
    • Not taken using a cell phone camera 
  4. Selected artwork included in the Festival will be exhibited outdoors in a large-scale, digitally printed format. The actual physical submissions will not be displayed. While the Festival Committee aims to retain the original works' feel, the digital representation may never capture the texture, coloring, etc. of the original.
  5. Artists whose work is accepted for inclusion in the Festival will be required to provide high-resolution photos of their work. The Festival Committee reserves the right to alter or rescind an acceptance offer if artists cannot provide large enough files to facilitate a high-quality print representation of their work.
  6. The Festival Committee is willing to assist local Ras Al Khaimah artists who do not have the capacity to take high-resolution photos of their work. If acceptance is confirmed, please call +971 7 233 8060 to arrange a photo session. This support is available through August 15 for artwork selected by the festival committee.
  7. For questions and clarification, please call the Festival Committee at +971 7 233 8060 or email