Student Guidelines

  1. Students in grades K-12 are eligible to submit one work under this category.
  2.  If students decide to submit work in this category they should not submit additional work under any other category. Students who wish to submit multiple works across categories, they should not apply as a student and should submit directly through the main Fine Art & Photography, Sculpture, and Film categories instead.
  3. Students are encouraged to submit original artwork. If another piece of art has inspired the submitted artwork, this must be noted on the submission form, and the original artist must be recognized.
  4. Student submissions may be made by individual students or by schools. Schools wishing to submit works by multiple students should contact for the group entry form.
  5. Students must provide their school name and year/level on the submission form. 
  6. The Student category welcomes fine art & photography, sculpture, and film submissions.
  7. Student fine art & photography submissions should follow the Fine Art & Photography Guidelines.
  8. Student sculpture submissions should follow the Sculpture Guidelines and meet the criteria for one of the sub-categories (Sculpture, Recycled Art).
  9. Student film submissions should follow the Film Guidelines and meet the criteria for one of the sub-categories (Animation, Documentary, Narrative).