Jeon Coffee

Established in Ras Al Khaimah, Jeon Coffee offers a variety of delicious coffee creations and concoctions with creative twists for all to enjoy such as the Hot Saffron Latte.

Food Breakfast


Ten11 Coffee Boutique


Ten11 is a boutique restaurant offering specialty coffee and a variety of delicious, fresh and unique dishes and desserts. Environmentally conscious, Ten11 sustainably sources ingredients and materials.

Food Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner


Space Cafe


Find your space at Space Cafe. Indulge in a fun and fresh menu of delicious dishes and unique drinks you won't find anywhere else served in a fun and modern setting.

Food Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner


Reyoog Cafe

Authentic Emirati Dishes mainly focused on Emirati breakfast cuisine with a retro ambiance.

 Food Breakfast

Decaf Dessert & Coffee Lab

Located on Flamingo Beach, Decaf specializes in unique breakfast, dessert and coffee creations.

Food Breakfast

PURO 1484

Puro 1484

Elevate your dining experience at the highest restaurant in the UAE - 1484 by Puro. A simple combination of stunning location, sleek interior design, and surprising food options. It is named according to its height above sea level – 1,484 meters. Positioned overlooking the highest peak in the United Arab Emirates, this unique restaurant boasts a magnificent panorama of the Jebel Jais and the fantastic landscapes.


 Food Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Skeek Restaurant & Cafe

A modern twist on Emirati Cuisine with a focus on Emirati heritage, tying the past with the present. In addition to delicious creations, Skeek Restaurant and Cafe offers a myriad of drinks from flat whites to teas.

Food Breakfast, Brunch


Du Roi Restaurant & Cafe

Catering to a cosmopolitan client base with a highly eclectic menu. Chefs at Du Roi Cafe serve authentic cuisine from diverse regions, suiting a wide range of gastronomic tastes and preferences.


Food Breakfast, Brunch


The Canteen

Overlooking the corniche, The Canteen offers serene views in a cozy atmosphere, allowing you to enjoy the food and your catch-ups with friends. Make sure to try the Eggs Benedict!

Food All day dining


Fareej Eshhafan

A fun and light-hearted restaurant specializing in traditional Emirati dishes and desserts. The memorable themed ambiance, inspired from the earlier days of the United Arab Emirates enhances the experience.

Food All day dining


AlTannour AlSaudi

AlTannour AlSaudi offers majorty of dishes found in the Saudi Cuisine. A great place to try Saudi food in a family-friendly setting.


Food All day dining


Azayem Al Dar 

A Kuwaiti cuisine restaurant serving popular favorites served in a traditional Kuwaiti setting with family-friendly amenities.

Food All day dining


Madfoon Al Sadda

Madfoon, meaning "buried", is a cooking technique in which marinated meat or fish is cooked in an underground hole covered in sand and surrounded by charcoal. This method of results in unique and amplified flavors not achievable otherwise.
Food All day dining

Puro Cafe & Terrace

Puro was inspired by the brilliant blue waters of the Arabian Gulf, abundant views of which can be seen from the light and airy restaurant on Al Marjan Island. The restaurant on Al Marjan Island is perfect for a quick lunch, sundowners or a relaxed evening meal. The café and terrace are best enjoyed by intimate crowds.

Food All day dining



Ula blends an earthy, organic energy with culinary and experiential connection to transport guests away to a place of personal truth, good vibes and strong, inclusive community, every day and night.

Food All day dining

Shrimp Pot

Shrimp is the name of the game but it doesn't stop there. Shrimp Pot is surely to satisfy all seafood cravings with other crowd favorites such as lobster rolls, delicious fried calamari, and mussels.

Food All day dining

Emirates Sea

The seafood menu offering at Emirates Sea restaurant is vast and splendid as the ocean. Ranging from deep and shallow catches, seafood combos and exquisite delicacies, the menu is a foodie’s paradise.

Food All day dining

Al Medyaf

Traditional Saudi cuisine served in a traditional setting. Al Medyaf is a great place to explore the variety of delicious dishes the Saudi cuisine has to offer.

Food All day dining

Area 51 BBQ & Grill

Modern Day, Route 66 Inspired Cuisine Boasting regionally influenced, authentic family recipes with classic homemade sauces and dressings, using only the freshest ingredients.

 Food All day dining

KPOP Chicken

A fun energetic restaurant focusing on healthy and earthy Korean food in addition to world-famous fan favorites such as Korean style Deep Fried Chicken, Bibimbab and various types of snacks.

Food All day dining

Thunder Road Pizza & Grill

A hidden gem. Italian with an American twist, this family-run run restaurant prepares all its locally-sourced ingredients in-house and serves delicious food in a fun setting.

Food All day dining


If you're a fan of Lebanese food, then this restaurant is not to be missed out on! Menu includes crowd favorites from grilled dishes, hot manakesh to fresh mezzeh.

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